WEX Slimline w8008

Brand: Wex
Product Code: 8008

      Frequency Band  
Code: 19-21-8108 VHF 151-159 MHz White
  19-21-8109 VHF 151-159 MHz Black
  19-21-8110 VHF 159-167 MHz White
  19-21-8408 UHF 405-480 MHz White
  19-21-8409 VHF 151-159 MHz Black

Frequency Range 138-174, 278-284, 405-480, 928-932MHz
Channel Spacing 25KHz 12.5KHz
Signal Format POCSAG
Data Transmission Rate 512bps, 1200bps or 2400 bps
Modulation System Carrier frequency shift keying (NRZ)
Frequency Deviation ±4.5KHz
Receiving Sensitivity 512bps 5uV/m, 1200bps 7uV/m, 2400bps 10V/m
Selectivity 60dB±25KHz
Operating Voltage 3.6V lithium battery
Function Thinnest POCSAG pager currently in the world.
Rated IP67 by the International Electrotechnical commission (IEC).
Anti-bacterial case for use in hospital environments.
Multi charging options are available.
OLED display allows messages to be read in a variety of lighting conditions.
RFID for door entry (phillips Mifare S50)
Message Storage Capacity 19 perosnal messages, 16 Mail drop messages, each 512ASCII
Address Code 8 paging addresses, last 4 addresses can be programmed to be either personal or Maildrop
Display format 20 character over 4 lines, or 20 character over 8 lines
Time/date Display Real time and date display in either 12 or 24 hour format
Low Voltage Alert Indicated on OLED screen
Message received Time Pager memorizes and displays time messages received
Message Protection 16 messages
Message deletion Messages can be deleted individually or all together
Unread Messages Blinking red LED and flashing display icon to notify user of unread messages, an audible option is available also
Melody Alert There are 8 different meoldy Alerts available
Alert Time Can be programmed
Vibration Alert Automatically activated vibrations to notify user of calls
Silent Alert Can also be set to receive messages without audible or vibrating alerts
Alarm Built in alarm function for preset time
Languages English, Spanish, French, german, Portugese, Swedish
Battery One 3.6v/500Ma/Hour rechargeable Lithium Battery
Battery life 5 days with full charge
Battery backup Over 30 seconds (when the battery is replaced)

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