GSL Instant Link G20

Brand: GSL
Product Code: Instant Link G20

      Frequency Band
Code: 19-19-0006 VHF 151-159 MHz
  19-19-0007 VHF 159-167 MHz

Frequencies POCSAG Synthesized VHF/UHF
Display Size One line x14 English Characters
Memory Size Total capacity of 1400 Characters. Each message can accommodate up to 150 characters
Transmission Rate PC programmable 512 Or 1200 bps
Address Code One private and three public, or all four addresses
Can Be Set to Private
Alert Options Tone x4, Vibrate, Silent
Message Management Protect/Delete/Delete All
Reminder Alert Unread message alert/indication
Low Battery Screen indication
Screen Display Time and date stamping
Duplicate Message Enable/disable
Back Light Provides clear display in dark conditions
Low battery Low Battery Indication with alert
Battery x1 Alkaline AAA
Holster Belt clip holster and safety chain

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