PT8110 Mobile Radio

Brand: Kirisun
Product Code: PT8110 Mobile Radio

    Frequency Band
Code: 19-31-1810 138-74 MHz

Compact Size

PT8100 with compact size is flexible to install in the vehicle when space is limited.

Enhanced Call Function

Build in 2Tone/5Tond/DTMF encode and decode to enable multiple call function for use including group call, private call, kill/active, stun/revive, silent interrogate and so on.

Wide Frequency Coverage

With wide band frequency coverage including 136-174M, 66-88M, 438-490M, 400-450M, 470-512M, it is flexible for different market use.

Easy to Use

With its 8-character alphanumeric display, 5 programmable buttons and 256 channels, this radio supports access to an expanded feature set for a large workforce.

Multiple Emergency Call

For enhanced user safety, lone work, security check is designed on this radio. It requires the user to reset at a predetermined interval, if not, the radio will automatically enter into emergency mode to ask help. During emergency, ENI & background and emergency alarm could be sent to dispatch center and partners.

Manual Dialing

With DTMF Microphone, it allows users to dial DTMF number by DTMF Microphone. It is flexible for user to dial a call.

OST Function

With OST function allow use to set CTC/DCS by programming key in each channel.

Home Channel

Home channel function enable switch to preset channel by programming key quickly.  It is flexible to return channel in regular use.

Public Address

The public address feature feeds microphone audio through a powerful PA amplifier to the external speaker, offering robust, out of vehicle, audio clarity

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