PT8000 Mobile Radio

Brand: Kirisun
Product Code: PT8000 Mobile Radio

    Frequency Band
Code: 19-31-1810 VHF
  19-31-4280 UHF

Compact Design

PT8000 with compact size is flexible to install in the vehicle when space is limited.

Easy-to-switch RF power

Each channel or all channels could be set to high or low RF power for different applications by programming software or manually.

Wide Band Coverage

With wide band frequency coverage including 136-174M, 438-490M, 400-450M, 470-512M, it is flexible for different market use.

DTMF Encode and Decode

DTMF encode and decode function provide use for dispatch operations and remote control applications.

Remote Kill/Stun/Active/Revive

If the radio is killed, all the attempts on operation by user, except power on/off, will be ignored. The radio will be activated when received the activated code. It is very useful for radio when lost. This function insure you high security communication.

Public Address

The PA feature feeds MIC audio through a powerful external public address amplifier, and
outputs through external speaker, offering robust clarity in harsh, noisy environments.

Enhanced Emergency

The radio can be programmed to alarm local or secretly, to alarm with sending emergency code and alert or background sound for different emergency environments,


A certain code could be programmed with press or/and release of PTT button to notify the other people who is the caller.

Lone Work & Security Check

The radio enters emergency mode if the user does not respond to a warning call (Lone Work) or a inquire code (Security Check), adding security and safety for individuals who work remotely and lonely. To prevent any carelessly missing, the reset of lone work status could be by simply press on programmed key.

Remote Monitor

Background sound could be monitored by remote receiver with specific code.

Programmable keys

Up to 5 programmable keys could be set as different functions including talk around, lone work, emergency call, scan, power level, monitor, squelch level and so on.

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