Brand: Salcom
Product Code: MRB406 GPS EPIR

Code: 11-80-1000

When activated, the 406MHz transmitter sends a unique identification number which, if the unit is registered, can be utilized by search and rescue authorities to provide owner details which can contribute to the effectiveness of a rescue operation.

The MRB406 also transmits on 121.5MHz and is used for homing purposes by search aircraft. The beacon also has a solid state strobe which emits a high intensity flash to assist in location. Because the MRB406 uses the same mounting bracket as the previous MRB4 EPIRB it is a convenient direct replacement. It is capable of manual or automatic operation. When released from its bracket and aerial restraint, the MRB406 will automatically activate when placed in water.

Notice to marine customers regarding products EPIRB MRB406 and MRB406GPs:

The production of the two models MRB406 and MRB406GPs has been discontinued. In September 2016, Salcom suffered a factory fire which destroyed some stock as well as some essential production tools. Salcom Technologies continues to support customers who have purchased this product previously. Spares, support, and battery service remain available. Unfortunately, due to the Aviation transport regulations prohibiting the transport of devices containing Lithium batteries, it is not economically viable to support our overseas customers who have purchased these products in the past. There is a small quantity of EPIRB model MRB406GPS available until stocks run out.

New Zealand clients requiring battery change or service should freight their product to: Salcom Limited, 10 Vanadium Place, Addington, Christchurch, 8024. Tel: 03 379 2298.

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