11-35-1000 Search and Rescue Communicator

Brand: Salcom
Product Code: Avaiation Band SAR Communicator

Code: 11-35-1000

This transceiver has been developed in response to a market demand for a low cost, simple to use, fully immersible emergency radio. It provides a means of communication from aircraft to personnel in a distress situation where they can not be reached and no alternative communication method exists.

The unit is rugged and fully sealed and can withstand water immersion, making it ideal for marine distress situations. The standard frequency is 123.1MHz although if the unit is intended for applications other than search and rescue communication, an alternative frequency crystal can be fitted.

Each unit is supplied with a tough fronted pouch so that it can be stored safely without the likelihood of accidental activation. To reduce the possibility of loss, the unit can be secured by a lanyard fitted to one of the loops on the pouch or the loop on the case.

The 11-35-1000 is powered by a replaceable lithium battery which provides a shelf life of five years and an endurance of more than fifty hours when the unit is activated.

Nominal frequency (with standard crystal)
Sensitivity for 6dB SINAD with 30% mod @ 1KHz -100dBm ±3dB
Spurious emissions >-47dBm
Spurious response (for 6dB SINAD with 30% mod @ 1KHz) -63dBm
Bandwidth ±8KHz @ -6dB
IF Frequency 10.7MHz
Audio output 50mW max
Typical distortion @ 1KHz 15dB SINAD 9% @ 85% mod
Maximum input for 10% rise in distortion -13dBm
Nominal frequency (standard crystal) 123.1MHz
Output into 50ohms +18dBm ±2dB
Spurious outputs (relative to carrier) -25dB max
Typical distortion @ 1KHz 1.5% @ 50% mod, 6% @ 85% mod
Battery type 9 Volt PP3 case size
Environment protection standard IP675
Weight 290 grams
Size (not including aerial) 165mm x 70mm x 30mm
Aerial length 153mm



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