Waiter Page System

Product Code: Waiter Page System

Free up staff to pay more attention to guests by summoning them to the kitchen or the bar for deliveries only when required.

Comprising a SALCOM 11-85-0000 eight button transmitter and up to eight pagers, this Waiter Page System provides an ideal solution for food outlets requiring communication with kitchen and waiter staff for service delivery.

Free up staff and allow them to pay more attention to the needs of your guests by summoning them to the kitchen for meal deliveries or the bar for refreshment deliveries only when required.

Waiter staff are summoned by a silent vibrator alert on their pager eliminating the need for alternative methods such as overhead paging, light boards or kitchen bells.

Diners benefit by always receiving meals while they are hot without the annoyance of unnecessary distractions which may be created by alternative communication methods.

The Waiter Page System can provide your establishment with improved staff efficiencies and your customers with an enhanced dining experience.

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