12-86-6000 Tabletop Transmitter

Product Code: 12-86-6000 Tabletop Transmitter

Provide a quick efficient service with Salcom Tabletop Transmitters for the patrons of your Bistro, Cafe or Restaurant. With tabletop transmitters located at each table, customers can summon a waiter by simply pressing the “Service” button on their transmitter. A waiter will be notified by a pocket pager message, indicating that a customer requires attention and at which table.

A system comprising of table top transmitters and pocket pagers will help increase sales by providing an efficient service for customers, improved customer satisfaction and faster table turn-around times.

Ideally suited to paging wine and drinks waiters at bistros and restaurants.

The 12-86-6000 is a particularly cost effective solution because it is capable of transmitting directly to pagers without the need for any additional infrastructure. It is a true “Plug and Play” paging solution.

When the “Service” button is pressed, the device transmits a text message to pagers indicating the table number and that service is required. If the “Cancel” button is pressed, a message is sent with the table number and that the service request has been cancelled.

The user-replaceable battery will provide for allow approximately1000 transmissions before replacement is required. It has a life of approximately 10 years with the unit in standby mode.

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