Local Paging

Local Paging

Wide Area Paging

Wide Area Paging


Nationwide Paging System

There has been recent media cover about the declaration that Spark are turning off the national paging system in Mar 17. Salcom, in conjunction with other parties, are currently working with the New Zealand Fire Service to provide an enhanced national paging that will surpass the current Spark service prior to Spark turning the system off. If you rely on paging for your communications please contact us for further information.


Fasttalk offers a wide range of both Alpha and Numeric pagers from a number of top international manufacturers. A variety of options are available to suit your technical requirements and your budget.

Mobile Radios

We have a wide range of transmitters and receivers for comnunicating with emnergency services, healthcare and hospital sectors. Telemetry solutions for operating control of pumps, irrigators and machine to machine applications and remote control of lighting, conveyor, wind and timing systems.


Our systems integrate different communication methods such as paging, mobile phones, radio, WiFi, land-lines (PSTN), IP and others and makes them work as one fexible and versatile system. It receives data or communication from one medium, converts the format and sends it out to one or more other mediums with tha ability to customize and schedule anything it handles.

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